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Weather in Toronto

Toronto Weather is one of the mildest weather in the country of Canada because the influence of the Lake Ontario moderates Toronto climate; which unlike other cities of Canada that have sub-zero temperatures, is characterized by the warm humid summers and cold winters. You don't have to worry about tropical Storms and thunderstorms or tornadoes because those are not usual although have occurred.

If you're interested in traveling to Toronto, we can assure you that itís a wonderful destination and you can visit it any time of year, however, you must consider packing the proper clothes and enjoy your trip!, although no one can know the weather will be like, you should always pack an umbrella and extra warm clothes.

Tips for your trip:

Toronto boasts four seasons each year:

    Summer: Summer months are from May to August, and although the climate is hot and humid, itís the perfect weather for outdoor activities. You can wear clothes for hot weather but it's important to take some precaution and bring a light jacket, if it turns cold or you enter an establishment with air-conditioning.

    Winter: The winter in Toronto is milder. People recommend that several thin layers of clothing are more effective at keeping you warm than one large. In that way you can also remove a layer or two if you feel you are going too warm. For your head you may use a warm hat, earmuffs, a headband; for your neck you can use a scarf, to protect your hands you can use a warm pair of gloves or mittens, and for your feet you can use warm socks. Although the weather goes a little cold, there are plenty of activities for you such as: Indoor or outdoor ice skating, Skiing, Winter carnivals, Trip to Niagara Falls and more.

    Fall: During fall, especially September and October are great months and the leaves start to turn with dramatic colors.

    Spring: This period is quite comfortable, because of temperature and one can use a light jacket, this time is since mid-March, and the time for Baseball season.

Annual average temperature of Toronto:

Toronto Temperature

Annual average rainfall of Toronto:

Toronto Rainfall

When to Go

The climate of Toronto is comparable to New York. So, late spring and early autumn are the most agreeable times to go. Summer is the busiest tourist period, but the vitality of the city extends throughout the year.

Toronto's buildings and public services are well provided with air-conditioned in summer, and heated machines in winter. In the coldest months (January and February) there are special reductions in hotels and malls.

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