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Getting Around Toronto

Getting Around by Taxi In Toronto, there are numerous taxis, limos and rental cars according to the preference of the travelers. The city has also a wide network of private tour services for people who want to know the metropolis more deeply.

As a great urban place, traveling in a car in downtown used to be exasperating; parking is frequently hard to find and expensive, and traffic along some streets can make vehicle move slowest than public transport.

By Taxi

Taxis and limousines from countless companies are the most common service aside from the mass transit. They are always available (24 hours a day) at all parts of the city.

Taxis are a safe form of transporting, but habitually expensive. Fares are standard, metered and often non-negotiable, but sometimes it is possible to get a deal with the driver for a flat price. Tips are a custom.

Company Service Telephone
Aeroport Taxi & Limousine +1 416 255 2211
416-TaxiCab Airport Taxi +1 416 829 4222
Pearson Airp. Limousine Limousine (Hire) +1 416 823 3675
Carmel Airport Taxi +1 416 676 2120
T. A. Limos Limousine (Hire) +1 866 408 0039
Airp. Executive Limo Inc. Airport Limousine +1 866 682 9797
Beck Taxi Downtown Taxi +1 416 751 5555
City Taxi TTC Taxi +1 416 241 1400
Diamond Taxicab Assoc. GTA Taxi +1 416 366 6868
North Star Limousine Serv. Airport Limousine +1 888 786 7906

By bicycle

Toronto tries to be a healthier place. The City's Government has installed various new bike lanes that span major north-south and east-west corridors.

Its efforts in recent years have made the central area of Toronto a quite bike friendly zone. One of the most beautiful but also crowded paths of the city is Martin Goodman Trail.

Bike lock racks have been established on several sidewalks, generally facing shops, restaurants, hotels and principal points of interest with the aim of motivate to citizens and visitors to use the ecological bikes.

Biking in Toronto is safe and Torontonians are always exhorted to respect cyclists.

By Car

by car In general, driving a hire car is not recommended in Toronto because the high congestion, expensive parking and the efficient service provided by public transport. However, if visitors truly want to explore the city and don't have time to figure out the TTC system, renting a car is a good option.

The streets of Toronto follow a basic grid model and are simple to navigate, with speed limit signs on each corner. Rush hours are from 7 to 9am and from 4 to 7pm.

Note that:
  • The Ministry of Transportation has installed a broad webcam network to supervise traffic on the principal highways and streets. So, drivers must travel with precaution.

  • Parking on most downtown streets is limited and often people needs to buy a ticket on the parking machines. The public parking is indicated by the “Green P” logo.

  • Be sure to verify and follow the signs posted along the street to avoid a ticked for the vehicle or that it be towed away.


Due to Toronto is a big city with high traffic, walking is not very practical to traveling around the city. However, people can use the PATH to cover the downtown area.

PATH, also called the Underground City, is downtown Toronto's underground walkway connecting 27km (16mi) of subterranean shopping, services and entertainment that include movies and theaters.

The underground footpath is safe and well-signed with brightly colored indications and it’s especially useful in colder months, offering weatherproof comfort.

Toronto Transports

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