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Getting Around by Ferry Just offshore of Toronto, on the Lake Ontario, there are located a group of small islands which together covers an area of 230 ha named the Toronto Islands. They are linked to the mainland city through the Toronto Island Ferry Services (Tel: +1 416 392 8193) which offer access to the islands for island residents, recreational purposes and entrance to Toronto City Centre Airport.

Ferries run the entire year varying according to the season, from the Toronto Ferry Docks (Mainland Ferry Terminal) located at the foot of Bay St and Queens Quay on the central Toronto waterfront (just a few blocks from Union Station) to docks at Hanlan's Point, Centre Island, and Ward's Island on the Toronto Islands.

At present, four public ferries travel to the islands regularly from 8am to 11pm. Three of them are operated by the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division. The trip (crossing the Toronto Inner Harbour) takes around 15 minutes.

The costs of return tickets are $6/3.50/2.50/free CAD for adults/students and seniors/children/babies respectively. Visitors must be aware that habitually there are long queues on weekends and holidays.

Note that

  • Apart from the public ferry services, numerous yacht clubs and marinas situated on the islands offer private transport for their members and guests.

  • There are also available some water taxi services on demand in Toronto Harbour, including transport to the Toronto Islands when ferries are not accessible.

  • Until 2006, there existed the high-speed international ferry between Toronto and Rochester, New York, but this service was ceased after losing around $10 million in only 10 months. However it is possible that the service be reestablished in the following years.

  • The harbor of Toronto receives just a modest passenger traffic through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The cargo traffic is bigger but it's not exceptional.


Name Description
City Street Or Bay Street. Add: Foot of Bay St on the mainland. Desc: 4 piers with a shared dock for Toronto Fire Services.
Hanlan's Point Enc. Add: West beside the Island Airport. Desc: 3 piers.
Centre Island Enc. Add: on Island Park. Desc: 2 piers. Closed during winter.
Ward's Island Enc. Add: East on Ward's Island. Desc: A single pier.
Island Airport Enc. Add: North end of the Island Airport Desc: A single pier plus a loading ramp.
Western Gap Enc. Add: Foot of Bathurst St. Desc: A single pier.

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