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Transports in Toronto

The transports system in Toronto is fast and secure, but in the rush hours the most recommend is travel by the subway. Toronto subway has two principal systems; the Bloor-Danforth line and the Yonge-University-Spadina line, Toronto has streetcar system too and the main services of transport in Toronto are the buses¸ there are around 150 bus routes in the entire city. All these work all the day, at night there is a special late-night service named Blue Night Network, which operates from 1am to 5 am.

Ferries are a popular way to travel to the Toronto islands, ferries works all the year. There are public ferry services and water taxis. In the heart of the city are the main attractions of Toronto that includes Queen's Park, St James Anglican Cathedral and St Michael's Roman Catholic Cathedral, SkyDome, the CN Tower. Another way to Getting around Toronto is by taxi, bicycle or taking a walk; enjoy the architecture of the street is very recommendable. Finally if you want to rent a car there are Driving and traffic schools in Toronto.

Toronto Orientation
The CMA of Toronto that includes the traditional city and its adjacent districts has an area of 5 868 sq km (2 266 sq mi), the biggest of Canada. The population of Toronto’s CMA is 5.2 millions while the GTA has half-million inhabitants more...

Public Transport
The public transit system within the city is overseen by the TTC, the third largest of North America. Public transport consists of an extensive network of buses, streetcars for the downtown and the modern subway....

Getting Around Toronto
In Toronto, there are numerous taxis, limos and rental cars according to the preference of the travelers. The city has also a wide network of private tour services for people who want to know the metropolis more deeply...

Ferries in Toronto
Just offshore of Toronto, on the Lake Ontario, there are located a group of small islands which together covers an area of 230 ha named the Toronto Islands. They are linked to the mainland city through the Toronto Island Ferry Services...

Driving schools

Driving schools in Toronto

Driving schools teach driving, and road safety. In the driving schools directory you will find information about road safety, driving knowledge, vechicles and equipment. A driver training course, or hight-school driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills, and attitudes you need to be a safe, and responsible driver.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in Toronto

Improve your driving skills and possibly get a ticket dismissed or your insurance premium reduced. Taking a traffic schools course can also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums. And, of course, if your driving skills just need a tune up, you can sign up to improve your driving techniques.

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