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Translations in Toronto

What is translation? Some people usually confuse the meaning of this word with interpretation. Translation is the act of changing writing messages from one language into another, while interpreting is the act of expressing spoken words into other language. Although these concepts are quite similar, translation and interpreting are two different activities.

Translation  in TorontoTranslation has been an activity purely performed by humans; however, lately there are unsuccessful attempts to automate translation process. Nowadays you can buy translation programs or translation memories which were created to facilitate and accelerate the translation process, but no for do the whole translation process.

 On the other hand thanks to the globalization process many companies start to venture into foreign markets.  Therefore in order to facilitate the negotiation process they require professional translation services.  

Translators in Toronto

A translator is a person who recreates a text into another language. Today the requirements to a good translators have to meet are several due to the current competitive market of translation. Some decades ago the person who spoke two or more languages was considered able to translate; a translator is a qualified professional who have good educational background. In general, translators specialize in specific fields such as business, legal, engineering, mining, technical and scientific. Since there are specialized terminology in each field, online terminological database are the best tool for translators.

Translations in Canada

Canada is a land of opportunities for everybody, and in order to afford these opportunities it is necessary to speak English or French. Indeed English is the most spoken language in Canada. Therefore if you want to translate a document, we recommend you search translation agencies that translate English or French language. Nowadays, translations in Canada, English translation especially, have quickly become in one of the most important and profitable business.

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