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Sports in Toronto

Toronto is the only Canadian city with representation in six professional sports leagues, mainly because it has the best sports venues in the country, this was also the main reason for that it was a candidate to host the Olympics in 1996 and 2008, although both failed, the Canadian Olympic Committee is considering running again in Toronto for the Olympics in 2020 and 2024.

Before practicing sports, you must have a good fitness condition. It is important to check some values as your body fat, BMR or calories you consume daily to avoid risks.

On the Internet you can find tools and instructions to how to calculate BMR and other useful values. Also you can visit a medical specialist for a complete report.

Hockey Toronto


Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the Canadian city, with the Toronto Maple Leafs their highest representatives and one of the founding franchises of the National Hockey League that is why it is considered one of the historic teams of the national tournament. They have won a total of thirteen Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens are one of the most popular teams in Canada.

Baseball Toronto


A sport of great success in Canada is baseball, epitomized are the Toronto Blue Jays this team belongs to the Eastern Division of the American League. Since the 2004 season, following the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington DC, it is the only Canadian team participating in the majors. So far, the Blue Jays are the only World Series winners from outside the United States that explains its popularity in the North American country. During their historic 1992 run the Blue Jays practiced great baseball injury prevention in order to stay healthy and get an advantage.

Basketball Toronto


Although now basketball is not a sport-flag in Canada, this country was crucial in the history of this game as the first professional game of American Basketball Association was played in Toronto between the Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers in 1946. Nowadays, Toronto Raptors is the only Canadian team participating in the NBA. He reached the American League after the expansion of this in 1995 and since then, his performances have been outstanding.

Football Toronto


Other sport of great acceptance in the Canadian city is football, a well-known team is the Toronto Argonauts, this squad is the oldest professional soccer in North America which are a legend with unsurpassed value, was created in 1876 by the Argonaut Rowing Club, also enjoy an almost unbeatable record after winning the Grey Cup 15 times. On the other hand are the major competitors of the major U.S. teams at every tournament you play.

Soccer Toronto


Currently, one of the greatest impacts on Canada's football teams, especially in Toronto the beautiful game has been received with great enthusiasm. The arrival of this was possible thanks to the constant migration of South Americans, that is why in 2006 they founded the Toronto FC, the first team from Canada that emerged as an expansion in the Major League Soccer. Its first official match was played in 2007 at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles against Chivas USA. Despite not qualifying for playoffs in its first year, the success of the franchise exceeded all expectations by becoming an undisputed financial success, and left a climate of bigotry never seen before.

Ski Resorts in Toronto

The Canadian winter is very suitable for the practice of classic sports for this season; one of the most visited places in this season is Blue Mountain, one of the most popular ski resorts in Ontario and is located just half an hour Toronto. Among its main attractions are the services for its visitors, ranging from ski schools to places of entertainment such as theaters or nightclubs.

Another of the most visited places in Toronto is Glen Eden, this station is located on the outskirts of Milton, an hour and a half. Like Blue Montain has a wide variety of activities for tourists. If you want to enjoy the winter the best option is undoubtedly the snowboarding and skiing, two sports have learning centers for beginners, ski lessons being the most desirable, the cost of these varies according to age and experience of the student.

The variety of Ontario Ski Resorts is huge, but all Ski Resorts have the necessary services to satisfy the most demanding customer. The opening season runs from December to March and prices are offered to suit all budgets.

Marinas in Toronto

Toronto is cold in winter, but fun; and summer far exceeds that. The season begins in May, but is in June when temperatures are warmer. The city glows with the green of the gardens and trees. Most people retire to the cottages and cabins bordering beautiful lakes. Many visitors spend hours sailing along the lake during the summer that is why Toronto has a variety of marinas, where boats have all the necessary services and their owners can enjoy all the amenities that they require.

Toronto Marinas offer great facilities for visitors, that is why is recognized in Canada, and also have a variety of attractions especially all summer days that make of the season one of the most anticipated of the year.

Diving schools  

Diving schools in Toronto

Although diving is not one of the most popular sports in Toronto, the city has many diving schools, which are used for pools that allow sport more adequately. These schools have different educational programs for all ages, are a fun alternative during the hot summer in the city.

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