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Shopping in Toronto

Visitors who want to shop will discover Toronto is their class of city. There are a certain amount of interesting shopping areas which are excellent for outdoor strolling and feature an ample range of locally-crafted, original and antique merchandise.


  • Name: Constantine Interiors
    Address: 1110 Yonge St
    Transportation: Subway: Rosedale
    Phone: 866-929-1177, 416/929-1177

  • Name: Putti
    Address: 1104 Yonge St
    Transportation: Subway: Rosedale
    Phone: 416/972-7652

  • Name: Zig Zag
    Address: 1142 Queen St. E
    Transportation: Subway: Queen, then any streetcar east to Jones Ave. Phone: 416/778-6495


  • Name: Stephen Bulger Gallery
    Address: 1026 Queen St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Osgoode, then streetcar west to Ossington Ave Phone: 416/504-0575
    Website: Bulger Gallery

  • Name: Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation
    Address: 778 King St. W
    Transportation: Subway: St. Andrew, then any streetcar west to Bathurst St.
    Phone: 416/603-2227

  • Name: Eskimo Art Galler
    Address: 12 Queens' Quay W
    Location: Opposite Westin Harbour Castle
    Transportation: Subway: Union, then LRT to Queen's Quay
    Phone: 416/366-3000
    Website: Eskimo Art Galler


  • Name: Maison de la Presse Internationale
    Address: 99 Yorkville Ave
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/928-2328

  • Name: Chapters
    Address: 142 John St
    Transportation: Subway: Osgoode
    Phone: 416/595-7349

  • Name: The World's Biggest Bookstore
    Address: 20 Edward St
    Transportation: Subway: Dundas
    Phone: 416/977-7009


  • Name: Dennis' House of Vintage
    Address: 571 Queen St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Osgoode, then streetcar west to Denison Ave
    Phone: 416/363-8343

  • Name: Harry Rosen
    Address: 82 Bloor St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/972-0556
    Website: Harry Rosen

  • Name: Fresh Baked Goods
    Address: 274 Augusta Ave
    Transportation: Subway: Spadina, then LRT to Baldwin St., and walk 2 blocks west
    Phone: 416/966-0123
    Website: Fresh Baked Goods


  • Name: Senses Bakery
    Address: 2 Queen St. E.
    Location: In the Maritime Life Tower
    Transportation: Subway: Queen
    Phone: 416/364-7303
    Website: Senses

  • Name: Global Cheese Shoppe
    Address: 76 Kensington Ave
    Transportation: Subway: Spadina, then LRT to Baldwin Ave
    Phone: 416/593-9251

  • Name: SOMA Chocolatemaker
    Address: 55 Mill St
    Location: In the Distillery District
    Transportation: Subway: King, then streetcar east to Parliament St
    Phone: 416/815-7662
    Website: Soma Chocolate


  • Name: Birks
    Address: 55 Bloor St. W
    Location: Manulife Centre
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/922-2266
    Website: Birks

  • Name: Trove
    Address: 793 Bathurst St
    Location: At Bloor St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Bathurst
    Phone: 416/516-1258


  • Name: Linea Intima
    Address: 1925 Avenue Rd
    Transportation: Subway: York Mills, then bus west along Wilson Ave. to Avenue Rd. and walk 6 blocks south to Brooke Ave
    Phone: 416/780-1726
    Website: Linea Intima

  • Name: Secrets From Your Sister
    Address: 476 Bloor St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Bathurst
    Phone: 416/538-1234

Malls & Shopping Centers:

  • Name: First Canadian Place
    Location: King and Bay sts
    Transportation: Subway: King
    Phone: 416/862-8138

  • Name: Hazelton Lanes
    Address: 55 Avenue Rd
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/968-8602
    Website: Hazel Tonlanes

  • Name: Manulife Centre
    Address: 55 Bloor St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/923-9525


  • Name: Wild East
    Address: 360 Danforth Ave
    Transportation: Subway: Chester
    Phone: 416/469-8371

  • Name: Rotate This
    Address: 620 Queen St. W
    Transportation: Subway: Osgoode
    Phone: 416/504-8447


  • Name: Browns
    Location: Eaton Centre
    Transportation: Subway: Queen
    Phone: 416/979-9270
    Website: Browns Shoes

  • Name: Petit Pied
    Address: 890 Yonge St
    Transportation: Subway: Rosedale
    Phone: 416/963-5925


  • Name: The Little Dollhouse Company
    Address: 612 Mt. Pleasant Rd
    Transportation: Subway: Eglinton, then bus 34 east to Mount Pleasant, and walk 2 blocks south
    Phone: 416/489-7180
    Website: Littledoll House Company

  • Name: Science City
    Address: 50 Bloor St. W
    Location: Holt Renfrew Centre
    Transportation: Subway: Yonge/Bloor
    Phone: 416/968-2627

Housewares & Furniture:

  • Name: Upcountry
    Address: 214 King St. E
    Transportation: Subway: King
    Phone: 416/777-1700
    Website: Upcountry

  • Name: Teatro Verde
    Location: Hazelton Lanes
    Transportation: Subway: Bay
    Phone: 416/966-2227
    Website: Teatro Verde

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