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You shouldn't stay at home and cook. The Toronto restaurant scene is disseminated across Toronto and clustered to concrete areas of Toronto.

Toronto Restaurants A trip to College Street, also called as Little Italy, exposes some of Toronto's best Italian restaurants. These Italian restaurants provide authentic Italian cuisine; you will positively feel like you are in Rome or Florence, Italy. The Danforth is also a fantastic example, also know as Greek Town. There are several Greek restaurants in this area of Toronto, and again several of them serve authentic Greek cuisine, just like you would find in Greece. You will not sense that you are in a Toronto restaurant. Toronto's Chinatown has so several Chinese restaurants, which make you feel like you are eating at a Chinese restaurant in China, and not in a Toronto restaurant.

Toronto also has other districts with restaurants; they serve a very ample range of cuisines. King Street West, is a famous restaurant district in downtown Toronto. Here one will discover select Indian restaurants, French restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Sushi, Italian restaurants, Thai restaurants, fine dining restaurants, family restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, bars, pubs, and more.

With more than 7,000 establishments with good food, bars, bistros, cafes, clubs and dance halls to suit every taste from casual to business - Toronto certainly does have a restaurant for everyone!

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