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The food is an important attractive from different countries, the recipes are an interesting way to make an idea, what kind of food is being offers from the hotels and restaurant. The Canadian food is influenced from England and France immigrants; this is the reason why these food are delicious, varied and uncommon in contrast to the USA. The Canadian Gastrominy known because, they keep culinary traditions that is based in Meat and fish, beef, lamb, among them pork, venison, moose meat and buffalo meat.

In Ontario there are a lot of possibilities of good food, good prices and the best attention, the dishes are various and every one with a special feature. In Ontario, agriculture is an important activity that offers excellent products; all of this became a Toronto in a very good place to learn a new type of food, Toronto offers in the most its restaurants a diverse and tasty menu.

The main dish could be based in beef, lamb or veal; with soup could be the perfect combination, the possibilities are never ending and the good attention will make you back soon.

The Beef Barley Soup, Buffalo wings, BBQ Back Steak, Atomic Canuck Chili, Lamb Kabobs, Veal Roast are some dishes from a big list that Toronto offers, in this city the majority restaurants and hotels offers all of them and the taste is unforgettable.. But if you want to prepare some of them the recipes are on this page the preparation is very easier.

Popular Toronto Recipes:



Bar-B-Que (BBQ)




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