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Niagara Falls

Located on the international boundary of Canada (southeastern province of Ontario) and the United States (western New York State), the gorgeous Niagara Falls is a huge set of cataracts on the Niagara River, placed 120 km (75 mi) from Toronto.

Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls. The biggest and the most beautiful is the Horseshoe or Canadian Falls with 670 m (2 200 ft) long and 57 m (187 ft) high. The other two cataracts, situated only in the US side, are the American Falls (328 m or 1,075 ft long) and the small Bridal Veil Falls. The Canadian Falls and the American Falls are divided by the Goat Island that belongs to the New York State. Luna Island separates the other two falls.

Formed about 12 000 years ago by the Wisconsin glaciation on the last ice age, and carved by the waters of the Great Lakes through the great Niagara River which ends in the Atlantic Ocean; Niagara Falls has been eroded slowly moving the cataracts 11 km (7 mi) upstream and creating the stunning Niagara Gorge.

Niagara Falls are the second in size in the world (just behind Victoria Falls in Africa) carrying an incredible volume of water of 110 000 m³ (4 million ft³) on average per minute. That is why the hydroelectric power of the Niagara Falls has an enormous significance to the continent's northeastern economy.

Next to waterfalls has been developed the twin cities of Ontario Niagara Falls, and New York Niagara Falls. Due to its magnificence, the Canadian site of the waterfalls receives more than 14 million tourists every year, even in the cold winter season.

Ontario's Niagara Parks

The Canadian Queen Victoria Park, part of the Ontario's Niagara Parks and where is placed the Niagara Falls, includes beautiful gardens, platforms providing amazing views and underground pathways that creates the illusion of being within the cataracts, as well as first class services in the Niagara Falls City.

The splendid waterfalls can also be seen from rented boats and helicopters, and from Table Rock and the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls city. There are a wide range of options to go to this great tourist attraction from Toronto, but the most usual are the bus tours and the public train service, departing regularly at 8.00 a.m. and returning at 5.00 p.m.

The cost of the tour varies according to the type of service to see the cataracts. A simple sight from a tower is the cheaper choice. Boat trip costs around $80 CAD while a helicopter trip $170 CAD traveling direct from Toronto’s airport. There are also special night tours, but the prices are significantly higher.

Since its discovery, probably in the early 17th century by a French explorer, Niagara Falls has maintained a crucial importance for the region; merging adequately the leisure, industrial and commercial aspects.

The beauty of the cataracts has been a source of inspiration to tourists from the entire world, artists, industrialists, publicists and conservationists as well as extensive groups of acrobats and daredevils.

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