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Moving to Canada

If we talk of preferences about where people want to live in Canada, according some studies made by important organizations as Mercer; the favorite places are Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. The most populated cities of Canada are Toronto and Montreal; it means that the housing market is wider in those cities. Therefore the market for moving companies and movers is also wide. The 77% of Canadians live in urban zones and the 30% in rural areas. 30% of the population lives in the three largest cities of Canada: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

What is the best way to moving from one city to other?

Relocating to a new place almost always is one of the most stressful times in people life; the first thing you should do is planning your move with 4 to 5 months in advance.

Once you decide the moving date, the next step is to choose a moving company. People who have moved before can give you references about moving companies and the services offered by them. The best way to get a successful moving is by hiring some movers and a moving company. The reason is simple: they are experts in this area. For example if you want to move from Toronto to Vancouver and you want a fast process, you must hire one of the Canada moving companies in these cities. These companies know perfectly the cities of Canada, what things you can or cannot take with you to your new home. Remember, there are areas where law prohibits pets, plants, etc.

Discuss with the choosen moving company about services prices and the methods of payment. Prices can vary depending on people number required, type of vehicle and extra services such as moving fragil things, pianos, antiques, etc

The moving companies offer different sizes of trucks to move all your belongings. The election of the truck depends the amount of things that have to move and where you have to carry them. If it is necessary the moving company will use a huge trailer. There are professional movers that provide packing services and they help with the assembling and dismantling your stuff if needed.

Canada moving companies

It is important to investigate the variation rates per day, month and week. Most of the moving companies charge a different rate depending on the day and month you want to move. People want to move frecuently at the end or the beginning of the month, the moving company will charge more for this privilege.

A moving contract generally includes a standard liability insurance, it means that if any of your belongings breaks during the moving, it can be replaced by other with the same or similar value. The insurance also covers scratched, damaged and lost things.

Moving advices

  1. The middle and end of the months are busy dates for moving especially during summer season. Keep in mind this and consider an alternative date in case something bad happens during your moving day.
  2. Itís recommendable to carry with you all extraordinary value items as jewelry, important documents, money and others.
  3. Using suitable boxes to collect your belongings preferably with covers and packing supplies; getting all packing materials for all your packing needs; disposing of any belongings that you do not want to take with you to your new place are good ideas.
  4. During the packing process, make sure do it room-by-room using the carton boxes that each room needs. If it is necessary to place fragile things on the boxes, you can use stickers that say FRAGILE or write it on the boxes with a market.
  5. Keeping a reasonable weigth in each carton box, it will help you to prevent the breaking of your things.
  6. Being carefull with the use of printed newspaper paper to wrap your items because it can soil your possessions.
  7. Refrigerators and freezers must stop working at least one full day before your move. Soft goods like pillows and stuffed toys may be packed in large garbage bags, these bags are very useful as fillers when loading.
  8. Furniture as large mirrors, glass table tops, valued painting and antiques that are extremely fragile may require special crating for a safe moving.
  9. Being sure to make a detail inventory with a description room-by-room, before and after your move.
  10. You could send some moving postcards to your friends and family, telling them about your move and the change that you are doing.
  11. If you need some guide of how to make a succesfull moving, you can get† guides with differents languages as english, french, italian and other languages on the internet.

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