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Learning english in Toronto

Languages in the world

Do you know how many languages are in the world?

Currently, there is a list of the world’s language called “Ethnolonge”, It lists 6500 worldwide spoken languages. Although, Etnolonge is considered as one of the most important lists in the world, many researchers believe that there are over 7000 languages in the world.

The following list shows the most spoken languages according Ethnologue Survey.

Language Speakers
Chinese 937,132,000
Spanish 332,000,000
English 322,000,000
Bengali 189,000,000
Hindi/Urdu 182,000,000
Arabic 174,950,000
Portuguese 170,000,000
Russian 170,000,000
Japanese 125,000,000
German 98,000,000
French 79,572,000

English language

As we can see in the list, Chinese is the most spoken language, but not the most important one. On the other hand English is the third most spoken language, however, it is considered as the most important in the world.

English language is spoken in many countries such as USA, Belize, England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Lately English has become in the language of business that is why the general public start to study it.

English in Canada

Canada offers many scholarships to outstanding students and opportunities to get ahead in business. Therefore it is great country to achieve your goals and expand your business networks. Regarding languages, French and English are its official languages, however, most Canadian speak English.

If you want to learn French or English in Canada, you can find many renowned language schools where you can learn these languages. Finally it is strongly recommended to learn English in Canada, because you can get a natural accent talking with native speakers of this language.

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