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Toronto: War at York (1812-1815)

In the date of June 18, 1812, James Madison, the President of the United States, signed a declaration of war with Great Britain. This war was a consequence of conflict by Britain who was noisily disregarding the naval and trade rights of the United States. American citizens also considered that the British territory in North America was legitimately theirs and should have been taken during the Revolutionary War (1776-1783).

During the War of 1812, York was assailed twice and even compendiously taken by US forces in 1813. Peace was signed in December 1814, albeit the news didn't reach York until February 1815. After the war of 1812, York sensed the growing wave of British immigration to Upper Canada. Its hinterland trade mounted with expanding farm frontiers, as its merchants supplied country dealers as wholesalers, and it became the province's banking centre.

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