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History of Toronto

Toronto History Toronto is a Huron people's word meaning 'Meeting Place'. Toronto's number one settlement was Teiaiagon, which was occupied by the Seneca Indians and then later by the Mississauga Indians on the east bank of the Humber River.

French Fort (1615-1760)

The first European to arrive to the shores of Lake Ontario in the vicinity of what is now Toronto was French explorer Etienne Brule.

Governor Simcoe (1793-1812)

The American Revolution from 1776-1783 placed loyalists northward to remaining British territory. Their deals along the upper St Lawrence and lower lakes conducted to the creation of the province of Upper Canada in 1791.

War at York (1812-1815)

In the date of June 18, 1812, James Madison, the President of the United States, signed a declaration of war with Great Britain. This war was a consequence of conflict by Britain who was noisily disregarding the naval...

From York to Toronto (1815-1834)

By 1834 the town rapidly grew of over 9000 inhabitants was merged as the city of Toronto, with an elected civic government led by William Lyon Mackenzie as first mayor. Toronto then progressed.

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