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Toronto Travel Guide

How to Get Toronto?

Getting to Toronto has many possibilities, Traveling by road, you will be able make all the stops you want, where you prefer and the objective is enjoying the nature, traveling by air you are going to be early the advantage is you will have more time to enjoy the city, Traveling by train is another option that have to be consider is cheaper and faster.

Because of the position of Ontario River, Toronto is easily accessible from Canada and United States. The good condition of the highways becomes the travel in a beautiful experience, either by bus, taxi or their own car.

Some people prefer arrive faster and traveling by air is the best option, if you are far from this city. You will be arriving to Toronto Pearson International Airport, this is the busiest airport in Canada is located 30 km to the west of Toronto’s downtown at Mississauga.

Traveling by train is the most secure form, Toronto has de one of the best rail way systems, has 2 national railways, Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway. Both of them connect to Canada and USA.

Getting Toronto by Air
As the major economical center of Canada, Toronto is a city with huge air traffic. Thousands of people pass daily through the various airports of Toronto, mainly by Pearson International Airport, the largest in the region...

Getting Toronto by Road
Long-distance buses from and to Toronto are less expensive than train, but not as rapid or comfortable; even when the service is very good habitually. The main and largest bus terminal of the city is the Metro ...

Getting Toronto by Rail
Toronto is the core of an excellent railway system, one of the best services of North America and undoubtedly, the most secure form of traveling. The city is served by 2 national railways for freight purposes: CN and CP...

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