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Temporary Resident Visa

Temporary Resident Visa Temporary residents are individuals who are admitted to Canada on a transitory basis for a specified period of time and for a prescribed purpose but who does not have the right to remain as permanent residents.

The time of admission in Toronto is for six months; however, it can be limited or extended according to the duration of the visitorís reason of travel or by decision of the Canadian Authority. This status may allow people to visit the country, work or study.

There are diverse restrictions in this type of visas which include that traveler must leave the country once the authorized stay-time has finalized; they are not allowed to work or study long programs unless having a specific permit, and require a financial support during their time in Toronto.

People can apply for an extension of their status before their permit expires at a Canadian immigration office within the country. It will be necessary that appliers explain very well why they need the extension due to the unwieldy immigration policy. The temporary visas available are the next:

Student/Study Visa

Thousands of foreign students come to study in Toronto every year. According to Canadian guidelines, they provide their knowledge and skills to the schools, as well as their rich native culture.

The Student Visa apply for who wants to study a medium-term program of six months or longer (short-term don't need) and require a letter of acceptance from a Toronto's school. Under some special conditions students can work, mainly in educational related jobs.

Employment/Work Visa

Like students, lots of foreign workers enter Toronto every year for being employed temporarily. They are selected to help Canadian employers address skill shortages in the country.

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) along with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) gives the employment authorization while ensure that the workers will be helpful to the economic growth in Canada.

Work Visa has a quite complex regulation depending of the type of job. In general, workers who want to get this permit will necessitate a work offer and pass a series of evaluations by the Government institutions.

Visit/Tourist Visa

Toronto receives several million visitors each year. Travelers entering to the country are committed to respect the Canadian laws and have pass a simple healthy test. The Government of Canada doesn't provide medical secure for people arriving to the country. There are three types of tourist visa application:
  • Single-entry visa: permit entry only to Toronto and other Canadian cities within the validity of the visa.
  • Multiple-entry visa: Unlimited entries to Toronto and other Canadian cities within the validity of the visa.
  • Transit visa: For a short stop-over (up to 48 hours) entry to Canada in route to a different country.


  • Bussines Visitor Visa.
  • Live-in caregivers Permit.

Toronto Entry Visa

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