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People who travel to Toronto as immigrants will require applying for a Visa in the Canadian Office of their respective countries. However, there are some visa exceptions for certain nationalities. Travelers also may decide which immigration program will be the best for their needs.

United States citizens donít require a visa to enter to Canada. If arriving by air, they will need a valid passport, but if arriving by sea or land, they will just need a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driverís license) plus proof of citizenship (e.g. birth certificate) controlled in the frontier by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

As well as American, Europe Union citizens and people from Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea ,Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Saudi Arabia, Singapore, among other 60 countries (see the complete Visa List) donít necessitate a temporary visa, but a valid passport is compulsory. The entry-permit for these countries habitually lasts 6 months.

A Visa is a counterfoil issued to a foreign national by a Canadian immigration office outside of the country and which is added to the passport. But this visa stamp, doesn't guarantee the access to the country. The admit decision is taken by the visa officers at the port of entry. Therefore, travelers should complete all requirements.

There are various types of Canadian visa divided in two major categories, according to the travelerís intentions:

Permanent Resident Visa
Toronto welcomes thousands of new residents each year, many of them are immigrants from different parts of the world who want to establish themselves in Canada...

Temporary Resident Visa
Temporary residents are individuals who are admitted to Canada on a transitory basis for a specified period of time and for a prescribed purpose...

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