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Employment in Toronto

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, with a population approaching 32 million. Despite being a developed country, unemployment rate in Toronto increased to 8% in the last years, fortunately in 2010 it decreased to 7%. According to statistics, Canada has lost 92,000 part-time jobs but also created another 91,000 full-time jobs.

Looking for employment agencies is the best option for foreigners who want to get a job in this country. These agencies find jobs for almost 100,000 people annually, although nearly two-thirds of them are engaged in casual work.† But, this is not free at all, because they earn a great deal of money from finding people jobs and for contacting employers with jobseekers.

Toronto employment agencies

When visiting employment agencies in Toronto, you should dress appropriately for the type of job youíre seeking. Donít forget to bring your resume, a cover letter and references with you. Itís advisable you register in two or three agencies in order to get more chances of finding a job, and donít forget to give them your telephone number. (See Toronto employment agencies.)

People who apply for a job must be prepared for the job interview. The job interview gives the potential employee and a potential employer a chance to learn more about each other. Remember that the best interview is when you have the ability to meet the interviewers at their level.

On the other hand, we recommend people interested in state jobs check USA websites that offer good job opportunities.

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