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Education in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most important Canadian cities; this city offers many opportunities for everyone. These opportunities encourage people to continue their education or get a well-paid job in Toronto. Many of the best Canadian universities and schools are located in Toronto; these educational institutions receive thousand of applications from foreign students every year. The levels of Education in Toronto are very high and the education is highly valued. Canadians invest large sums of money to support the best quality of Education in Toronto. Its education system differs markedly from that in the UK and the USA.

Toronto education system

There are public and private schools around Toronto. First, people should notice that public schools do not mean the same thing as they do in, for example, the UK. Public schools are those educational institutions funded by taxes and are free for every child. Private schools are those paid by the parents of the child. The 95% of children in Toronto attend public schools.

Education is normally free and compulsory from the age of 6-7 old until they are 15 -16 in Toronto. The classroom grades are numbered from 1 to 12 and the Canadian education system is generally divided in:
  • Primary education.
  • Secondary education.
  • Post-secondary.
Students in the public system do not wear uniforms and they receive a very broad education.† The post-secondary programs and courses that are offered in Toronto vary in duration from less than six months to five years or more. Students may study to get a certificate, a college diploma or university degree. Toronto offers several types of institutions to study post-secondary education:
  • Universities offer certificate, degree or professional degree programs through the impartation of special university courses,
  • Community colleges award diplomas, certifications, associateís degrees and bachelorís degrees.
  • Career Colleges/Private Vocational colleges are privately-owned institutions that provide training for short periods of time; these institutions include nursery, mechanic, beauty, business school and others.

Universities in Toronto

Universities in Toronto give more emphasis on teaching methods than other countries do, and they are also major centers of research. Professors continually have to take part in endless assessment exercises to review the quality of their teaching. Thatís how these universities have been placed in the best positions in most university rankings around North America and the world.

Foreign students have several good reasons to come to Toronto in order to become successful professionally and personally. Toronto has opened its doors to welcome all people who want to reach their dreams in this Canadian city.

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