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Situated on the shores of Lake Erie in western New York, Buffalo is the second biggest city of the New York State and the seat of the Erie County. The city is placed just 30 minutes from the Canada’s border and 144 km (90 mi) from Toronto (2 hours by car).

The metropolitan area of Buffalo has a population of 1,170,111. Developed in the head of the Niagara River that links two major lakes: Erie and Ontario; the city has preserved a vivid commercial, industrial and cultural activity in spite of in recent years its population has decreased.

The city was established as a village called Buffalo Creek in the late 18th century by Native Americans and was officially incorporated to the United States in 1816. During the early 20th century, Buffalo become a main railroad core, the biggest grain-milling place in the country and the home of the largest steel-making operation in the world. The construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway that reroutes the Great Lakes nautical transport is one of the principal factors that the population and industrial activity of the city had declined in the last decades.

However, transportation is still a major asset. Its strategic position makes Buffalo an important port with entrée to raw materials, grains and shipping to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its location between two of the most important cities of North America, Toronto and New York.

Buffalo is just 2 hours by car/train from Toronto, the economical capital of Canada, and 7 hours from New York, the financial capital of the United States and the World. A significant part of the trade between these countries passes through Buffalo, principally crossing the Peace Bridge, but also by the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the huge rail junctions of the city.

St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral Buffalo Sabres

Due to the large quantity of hydroelectric power generated by Niagara Falls to 30 km (17 mi), Buffalo is a main manufacturing hub that produces chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, automobile and aircraft components and processed foods. Because of in recent years manufacturing has reduced, the industries of the city turned its orientation to advanced technology, medical research, and tourism.

Buffalo is a beautiful city bordered with stunning mountains, rivers and canals that nature-lovers highly appreciate. The rich history of the city is represented in their remarkable architecture represented at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, Old Buffalo Light and the Buffalo City Hall among others.

Buffalo is frequently called the “City of Good Neighbors” due to the sympathy of its residents and its traditional neighborhoods, inhabited by Irish, Italian, Scottish, Polish, Latino and German descendants. The national delight spicy Chicken Wing is originated in Buffalo and various important educational and cultural institutions (especially theatrical) are located also here. Sports are another attraction in the city; being famous the Buffalo Bills football team and the Buffalo Sabres ice hockey team.

American travelers who want to visit Toronto should go first to Buffalo and then cross the frontier by car or train, because it is significantly less expensive. Find more information in the Official Website of Buffalo City.

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