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Talk about of Canada is talk about the second largest country after China and its territory is biggest that all Europe continent. Nowadays, Canada is one of the most important countries therefore many visitors and tourist arrive to this country but, specially, to Toronto because Toronto is one of these cities who has everything nature, monuments, stores, museums until hockey. If you want, you can take a walk in the longest street in the world or maybe you can go shopping below the city.

But if you want eat and taste new flavors and dishes, the Toronto restaurants is waiting for you or maybe you want navigate by its waters, all possibilities are opened in this spectacular place. Toronto is a fabulous option to travel and enjoy, with attractive to everyone, since romantic travels to business travel, with family, with friends or with this special person. Toronto is a wonderful gift to discover. Below we show you the most important activities to do in this city.


Having a interesting view in the gallery tour in Toronto, or purely popping in at a few among other attraction, 2 of the most impressive in the city are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and are premier things to do in Toronto. The ROM, well admired by tourists and also locals, is well known for hosting a collection of interesting exhibits that fascinate all kind of people to the museum.

The museum houses world culture galleries, natural history galleries and special exhibitions throughout the year. From the 167 art galleries in Toronto, the AGO is by far the most notable and best received art gallery in Toronto and has an invariable collection of over 66,000 works of art spanning from 100A.D. to the present.
Museums and Galleries

City Tours


City tours are between the popular things to do in Toronto and can many things such as harbour cruises, helicopter tours over the city and area, double decker bus tours through the city and walking tours that are guided or self guided. "A Taste of the World" is an interesting tour to take and offers a "Foodie" tour where you'll discover several different cultural restaurants and try diverse cuisines along the way.

This is a great way to get to know a little more about how multicultural and diverse Toronto certainly is. Other walking tours could comprehend downtown tours, shopping tours and gallery tours. Simply outside of Toronto is Canada' Wonderland and is an exciting and big amusement park great to spend the day at.


You shouldn't lose a visit to Casa Loma. The castle once was of Sir Henry Pellatt, a Canadian financier, and is filled with history in its decorated rooms, an 800-foot tunnel, secret passages, stables, towers and an acclaimed 5 acres of well-kept gardens. Visiting the Casa Loma area is another activity to do in Toronto Canada and it is has opulent European-style houses, beautiful green spaces and is located near Sir Winston Churchill Park and one of Toronto's most reputable colleges, George Brown.

If you have a lot of desires of shopping, go to the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto and shop at over 285 stores!
Casa Loma and Area

Ontario Place


Things to appreciate in Toronto Canada involve Ontario Place situated on the shores of Lake Ontario is a seasonal amusement park and is a certainly on the Toronto Things to Do list as well. The park provides entertainment and exciting rides and attractions and lots of events and diversion to keep you going all day.

Exhibition Place is another entertainment venue situated near Ontario Place that offers over 100 special events annually incorporating the 129 year-old Canadian National Exhibition, Molson Indy car race and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


Another interesting thing in Toronto includes a trip to Toronto's tallest and most defining landmark which extends more than 550 meters into the Toronto landscape. The tower is one of the major attractions in the city and is one of the world's tallest. After visiting the CN Tower head over to the Hockey Hall of Fame and see why Canadians enjoy hockey so much!
C.N. Tower

Neighborhood Tours and Shopping


One of the most interesting things to do in Toronto Canada is the following; you should visit its unique and heterogeneous neighborhoods to experience a feel for the city's identity. Visit the cultural centre in the heart of Toronto, around Yonge Street, tour Front St. to Richmond and take in the Entertainment District, shop for one-of-a-kind treasures in Kensington Market, the Fashion District around Spadina Street or Bloor-Yorkville for fabulous shopping.

Visit Chinatown and appreciate the sights there that date back in history to the 1940's and don't miss Toronto's Harborfront area. Toronto transport is comfortable and easy to use making the diverse neighborhoods easy to visit. Most Toronto's hotels can inform about directions and transit stops. There are so several things to do in Toronto Canada so stay as long as possible and plan well!

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