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Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is the largest city in Canada and the seventh largest city in North America. It is located in southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and counts with a population of approximately 6.2 million people being the most populous city in Canada (25% of Canada's population).

It was rated as one of the world's most livable cities and with the highest cost of life in Canada.
Toronto is the tenth-most economically powerful city in the world and a leading city in many economic sectors such as finance, business services, aerospace, engineering, software production, medical research, education telecommunications, media, arts, film, music, television production.

Toronto, the City of Neighbourhoods

Nowadays, Toronto is a very multicultural and ethnically diverse city, it has many ethnic and historic residential communities from Italy, Greece, China, India, Latin America and many other places that is why it is called the City of Neighbourhoods. Some statistics said that approximately 50% percent of the population born outside the city and came from 80 different ethnic communities.

Toronto attractions

Toronto has many impressive attractions such as CN Tower, the second tallest free standing structure in North America, Ontario Place; Niagara Falls, a huge set of cataracts on the Niagara River, Toronto City Hall, a beautiful building, popular for skating in the winter; Casa Loma, a beautiful house decorated suites, secret passages, tunnel, towers, stables, and gardens; Spadina House, a 1860s historic mansion with amazing gardens; Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, with a big collection of contemporary and European ceramics; Hockey Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the history of ice hockey; Toronto Zoo, one of the largest in the world, etc.

Many amazing museums and art galleries such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the largest art gallery in Canada with a big collection of paintings and Henry Moore sculptures; Royal Ontario Museum, one of the greatest museums of North America, it houses many artifacts of Ancient China, Native Canadians, Medieval Europe, Art Deco, Ancient Egypt, Middle East and India; Ontario Science Centre houses several science exhibits; Bata Shoe Museum is devoted to shoes and footwear, and contains Napoleon Bonaparte's socks; Toronto Aerospace Museum, a educational museum, a great touristic attraction and more.

Toronto also host many events and festival, the most popular events are: the Toronto International Film Festival, the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Caribana, the Canadian National Exhibition, WinterCity and the International Children's festival of the Arts.

Toronto tourism

Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
The gorgeous Niagara Falls is a huge set of cataracts on the Niagara River, placed 120 km (75 mi) from Toronto.
Neighborhoods in Toronto Neighborhoods in Toronto
There are about 250 vibrant neighborhoods established by immigrant populace from Italy, Greece, China, India, Latin America etc.
Shopping in Toronto Shopping in Toronto
There are a certain amount of interesting shopping areas which are excellent for outdoor strolling.
Attractions in Toronto Attractions in Toronto
Explore the best Toronto Attractions and Toronto Sightseeing tours for your upcoming trip.

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